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Dindyy Broadsword
Redwall Squirrel
Important Information
Gender male
Job none yet
Status Alive
Eye Color Green
Fur Color Red
Age 1 Season (Teenager in human years)
Affiliation Salamdastron
Weapons Spear, Shield, Scimitar, Bow
Species Squirrel
Home Salamdastron
Quests none



Weapons:Spear, Shield, Scimitar, Bow

Personality:Dindyy is very eager often running ahead then stopping to wait. He is very fun and funny. He is very good at compensating on the fly. Very stealthy and a lot of times creeps up on people.

Appearance:He is skinny and fast. He is also very strong. He has red fur.

Bio:He grew up near Salamandastron as a warrior. His parents had a hide out for Long Patrol and all allies. He was taught by a few hares and once a otter. Then a Vermin Ship named the Red Snout 2 they killed his family and friends he was the only to survive. He then went to Salamdastron. They took him in and her plans to get revenge on his Families killers.


Dindyy firing his Bow