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Farlo Mosspike
The Vermin
The Shrew
The Otter
Important Information
Gender Male
Job Fisherman
Status Alive
Eye Color Black
Fur Color Brown
Age 3
Affiliation Skipper of Otters
Weapons His Fishing Pike while in water and his sword while out
Species Otter
Home Mossflower
Quests None yet


Farlo is fun-loving, immature and not serious when out of battle but a ruthless, bloodthirsty and serious warrior.


Black eyes, brown fur, he usually walks around wearing a belt, a sash, his sword and a headband.


Farlo's story begins before him. His mother had always been a wanderer and she constantly wandered Mossflower. Eventually, she met another traveling otter and they began to travel together. Things went well for a couple seasons. They were married with a child on it's way, when vermin attacked. Farlo's father tried to fight them off and was killed in the effort. The vermin took his pregnant mother captive. They let her have her child then they slayed her. They began to train Farlo to have ice in his veins. They convinced him he was simply a large weasel. For the first two seasons of his life he was trained by the vermin. But his vermin crew was ambitious. They tried to wipe out the Guosim shrews and were quickly defeated. The Guosim were going to kill all of the survivors. They methodically slaghtered them one-by-one until Farlo was next. The Logalog of that time immediately recognized that he was an otter and not vermin so they took him in and trained him in the ways of boating. He lived with them for a season until they ran into the skipper of otters. He decided he would like to be with his own kind so he left the shrews and began to journey with the otters. With the help of his new otter crew he has built two boats. His logboat, Riverpike and his seaboat Seapike. Seapike is docked at Salamadastron while he is in Mossflower and Green Isle while he is at sea. Riverpike is always carried with him. 


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