This character belongs to Kynarus

Fallen Lord
Important Information
Gender Male
Occupation Hermit
Status Alive
Eye Color blue
Fur Color Grayish
Age 7
Affiliation No one
Weapons Iron plated talons
Species Peregrine Falcom
Home Far North
Quests None yet


Old, despressed, multiple scars. Gray feathers.


Gardain was once the lord of a small, but wealthy city. But, one day, the horde of Bloodeye destroyed his city and nearly killed him. Only his speed allowed him to escape. After that, he left the area and started a family, saying things would get better. Over the years, he had the worst of luck when he would run into cannibalistic shrews, evil snakes and into the middles of wars. It was as if Lady Luck had farted on him. One day, he ran into a gang of weasel assassins that were unforgiving. They said that for his intrusion, they would kill his family, but not him. Before he could stop them, his entire family laid dead on the floor. After this event, he lost all hope. He became a hermit, cutting hisself off from the world. He just barely ventured out for the first time when he heard of Redwall Abbey. He now has a small den right outside the walls and is quietly watching the inhabitants.


Iron plated talons