This character belongs to Kynarus

Important Information
Gender Male
Job Cellarmaster
Status Aliv4
Eye Color Blue
Fur Color Brown
Age 3 1/2
Affiliation None yet
Weapons Usually the nearest thing he can pick up
Species Hedgehog
Home Southsward
Quests None

Appearance: Happy, mid-aged, has had lots of alcohol

History: Garren lived in Southsward. He ran a bar and was happy. On day, after drinking 2 caskets of ale, he fell unconcious. When he awoke, he was on the steps of Redwall Abbey dressed as clown. He suspects he has amnesia of the trip, but no one made themselves apperent who might have helped him. When Garren gets drunk, he gets really drunk.

Personality: Happy, optimistic, usually drunk

Weapons: Usually the nearest thing he can pick up