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Hector The Fool and Foot Fighter
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Species: Hare


Sandy brown fur, dark blue eyes, an average full grown hare's height, 8 seasons old.


A staff, his own paws.


Long Patrol Hare


A foolish hare, always finding happiness in the sad moments in life. He's a great friend to all. He does acrobatics and always hungry.


He was born to Hortwill Longblade Braebuck and an unknown Salamandastron Hare. When he was 3 seasons old, he started training for the Long Patrol, with his father. That was when he met his love, Hatie. He joined the Long Patrol and travelled to Redwall, where he lived for 3 more seasons. Then he went off to Salamandastron, to fetch his son Haden and visit Hatie. Now he lives happily with his son at Redwall abbey.