Jadzia Saber (2)
Jadzia Sachet Saber
Important Information
Gender Female
Job Mother, helps around Redwall
Status Married
Eye Color Brown
Fur Color Brown
Age 36 human yrs.
Affiliation Redwall
Weapons short sword
Species Sea Otter
Home Redwall
Quests None


Brown fur, brown eyes, normal otter. Wears normal Redwall attire.


Carries a short to medium sword in a simple scabbard around her waist.


Kind and helpful with a good sense of humor.


Jadzia was born in a small cove by the sea. Her father, Gaerwn Sachet, named her Jadzia (meaning war or battle). He chose the name because he was a warrior. Not long after she was born he went off and was killed in battle. Her mother, Hali, traveled to Redwall where Jadzia was raised. When she was 20 human years old she went to visit Salamandastron. Two years later she returned to Redwall with Dalit Saber with her and Jadzia and Dalit were married soon after. She is a mother of two sons and two daughters: Saar (eldest son, 12 human years), Calanthe (eldest daughter, 10 human years), Lakelyn (youngest daughter, 8 human years), and Jafari (youngest son, 4 human years).


Father: Gaerwn Sachet

Mother: Hali Sachet

Siblings: None

Mate: Gaerwn Sachet

Children: Saar, Calanthe, Lakelyn, and Jafari.

Meaning of nameEdit

Jadzia = War, Battle (her father was an otter warrior and therefore gave her this name)

Saber = Sword (her husband's family has long been a family of warriors)

Sachet = Pure Existence, Thought (her maiden name)