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Mossflower Woods is the large forested woodland area on the River Moss, south of the Northlands and north of Southsward. The central community in this area is Redwall Abbey. Formerly, Brockhall, St. Ninian's, and Kotir were the main locations, but all three have since been destroyed or abandoned. Mossflower Woods is populated by many creatures both good and bad, most of whom are nomadic. The family of Janglur Swifteye was one such example before they came to Redwall, as well as the tribes of Juska. The forest was also home to the farm and family of Gingivere Greeneyes for many seasons.


Mossflower is divided in two by the River Moss, which can be crossed by a ford. Since the death of Argulor, there has been relatively little danger from birds-of-prey. As a matter of fact, most Mossflower birds have been friendly to travelers, though there have been a few harrowing incidents. Though Mossflower is not a very dangerous area aside from marauding vermin, it does have a few natural perils. To the far west of Mossflower is the mountain Salamandastron, and the ocean.

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