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Important Information
Gender Female
Job Healer, crook when times are desperate
Status Alive, Single and Possibly Looking
Eye Color Icy Blue
Fur Color Red, white-tail tip, white around legs and muzzle.

Wears a forest-green hood and cloak lined pale-yellow and brown boots.

Age 3 Seasons
Affiliation Neutral
Weapons Bow and arrow, dagger
Species Fox
Home Outskirts of Redwall
Quests None currently


Redtail grew up with her father, Blacktail, while her mother, Lily, was murdered by vermin when Redtail was younger. Alongside her father's guidance, Redtail was taught and skilled in the ways of combat and healing, knowing how to precicely fire a bow and arrow with easy aim. Living at the outskirts of Redwall, she and her father both managed a daily life without trouble, however with this came a price.

Redtail and Blacktail were driven to stealing and killing just to survive when life became difficult for the two of them. Soon after, Redtail refused to be driven to such measures any longer, and seprated from her father after an angry argument. Today, Redtail wanders the Redwall territory offering healing services to passerbys or anyone in need and, much to her reluctance, hunting in her spare time to keep herself fed. She one day hopes to be welcomed into Redwall instead of being driven to her previous measures of stealing and killing.


When on gets on her more positive side, Redtail can be kind, caring, protective, and gentle to those she cares for and helps. However, if one thought to get on her more vicious, negative side, Redtail can be seen as cruel, rude, sarcastic, hot-headed, and rather impulsive.


Redtail carries a bow and arrows, along with a dagger tied to her belt.


  • Father: Blacktail; unknown
  • Mother: Lily; Deceased, killed by vermin
  • Siblings: None
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None