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Screechmaw is a member of the Juska, the dry land pirates of Mossflower. In some by gone battle, a ricocheting sling stone struck him in the throat. While it did not have enough force to snap his neck, it did permanently damage his voice box, causing him to be unable to speak or make noise except for a high pitched shriek. Hence the name Screechmaw. While mute he is, it has not in any way toned down his fighting skills, if anything, his muteness has enhanced it. One of his more famous strategies was to screech right in the enemy’s face, surprising them, and then killing them. He is currently mid-high ranking in the Juska clans. Screechmaw is a ferret


Silent, cold hearted, and feels no sympathy for his victim. He does, however follow the Juska code of honor as much as possible.


He can fight with many weapons, but he prefers his two morning stars that he took off one of his opponents.

Other notesEdit

Quite a few other Clan members have made the mistake of thinking that he’s deaf as well as mute, which does lead to a few insults thrown at him as a joke. This is usually a very painful and fatal mistake.

He's one of the few "vermin" who can read and write, as its his only way to comunicate. However, he rarely uses it, usually letting his weapons do the talking. Also, this skill is basically useless among the low ranking Juska, as none of them can read