The Roof of Redwall Abbey is a section often inaccessible to most residents of the Abbey. It is marked by turrets, spires and crenelations which can usually only be seen by birds, such as the Sparra colony. The roof features four birds carved in stone placed at the cardinal points. These statues indicate the direction in which the respective birds travel each season.

Bird Statue Direction Region
Hawk North Northlands
Goose West Great Western Sea
Owl East Mossflower Woods
Crow South Southern Plateau

The roof also features a weathervane on the south gable. On the north pointer, Rufe Brush attached the Sword of Martin and where Jess Squirrel and Matthias attempted to find it several generations later. The weathervane had been smithed by Ferdy and Coggs Stickle in a memorable event during the construction of the Abbey.