Warbeak Loft, located near the roof of Redwall Abbey, was the home of the Sparra tribe. This area was named in honor of Queen Warbeak. Warbeak Loft was not to be confused with Redwall's attic, which is below it. It was a relatively large place ressembling an upturned V and delimited by eaves covered with nests.

Matthias visited this area on his quest to find The Sword of Martin. Warbeak loft was reputed for being difficult to access from the inside or the outside of the Abbey and the only one who knew the way to the loft was Methuselah. In order to reach it, Matthias and Warbeak had to climb a step ladder from the top dormitories through a loft door, walk through a ledge above the stained windows of the Great Hall, climb to a ridge towards another loft door, and find a third trapdoor, which opened to the loft itself.

At the time, Warbeak Loft was the location of King Bull Sparra's court. The chamber of king was separated from the court by roofing slates and was located below the weather vane. The scabbard of the Sword of Martin was hidden in the chamber of the Sparra King.

Later on, Warbeak Loft was occupied for a brief period by General Ironbeak and his army while the Sparra had left in search of Matthias and his friends.

Following the defeat of Ironbeak and the death of Warbeak, the loft was lead by Sir Harry the Muse.

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